Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Abilene TX, Coleman TX, Brownwood TX

Your kitchen is the heart of your home – so you want yours to be perfect. With our experience at kitchen remodeling, we have the team and expertise to help you create the space that fits your life style, your decorating style and your budget.

We can help you make your ideas come to life and ensure that every detail is perfect. We operate out of Coleman, TX, but we serve Abilene, Brownwood and the surrounding area.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home or a home you intend to rent, we listen closely to you and your needs and desires to bring your dreams to reality. We incorporate beautiful design and functionality with our custom features.   Your custom cabinets will be built with the wood, design and finish of your choice and will complement the overall design, look and feel of your home.

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Determine Your Purpose for Your Kitchen Remodeling Job

When it comes to making a big decision like remodeling your kitchen, it is a good idea to make sure you have thought everything through. Not doing so can easily add more time and stress to the project, as well as stretch your budget beyond what you originally planned.

After you have spent enough quality time scrolling through Pinterest and saving entirely too many pins of ideas for your new kitchen, the next step would be to narrow it down to the things that really matter according to your timeline and budget. Another thing that can help with the decision-making process is the actual purpose of the kitchen remodel. Are you doing the remodel to sell your house or flip a house for profit? Will it be done solely for the purpose of collecting rent from tenants or is this something you have been saving up for and this will become your dream kitchen? Each of these will affect the time allowance as well as budget required to get your kitchen remodel completed.

What to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

Generally, a basic kitchen remodel can take as little as two to three weeks to complete while a full-blown kitchen overhaul will require a longer timeframe. Keep in mind that during the kitchen remodel process – no matter what your situation is – you will not have access to basic kitchen comforts such as your stove, sink, microwave and countertops. Also remember that any internal remodel can get messy. Be prepared to dust the rest of the house, a lot!

When doing a kitchen remodel, the most important factor of the entire process will be your budget. The size of your kitchen as well as the design, features and functionality of new cabinets and appliances will affect the cost. But cost is also affected by the kinds of materials chosen for your new kitchen.

We can help you maximize your budget while ensuring you get the look you want!

Should you go for the current trends or stick with something neutral? It is so very easy to get sucked in to the great looks and amazingly trendy styles that are everywhere right now – from model homes to HGTV to the showrooms – they’re out there constantly calling our name, saying pick me, pick me! So, you want to remember that styles change and can be outdated just as quickly as they topped the trend charts to begin with.

If you find a style that you love and you think you will still love it ten years from now, by all means go for it! But if you are in the need of a kitchen remodel to sell your home or rent it out, going for more basic neutral colors and styles might be the better choice. Because not everyone loves what you love and it might turn what you thought was a great investment into something that ends up holding you back.

Because a kitchen remodel is worth the investment if you do it right the first time, you want to make certain to use a contractor that has years of experience and is well versed with a variety of materials, techniques and resources. Take a look at some of our work and then contact us to get a quote and learn more about our work and how we can help add value to your home with a kitchen remodeling job. Learn about our other services.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Trim & Crown Molding Services:

• Kitchen Design and Remodeling
• Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
• Full Service Cabinet Shop
• Stain And Finish Services
• Kitchen Cabinet and Appliance Installation
• We Use Quality Hardwoods for The Construction of Our Doors and Facing and 3/4″ Hardwood Plywood for the Cabinet Boxes.
• Chose From The Highest Quality Hardwoods For Your Kitchen Cabinets: Oak, Cherry, Maple, Birch, Knotted Alder.
• We Offer Raised Panel, Panel and Slab Doors
• Lazy Susans and Space Savers for Lower Kitchen Cabinets
• Corner Cabinets to Maximize Storage
• Pantry and Organization Customizing
• We Build Garbage Can Drawers
• We Mill Custom Trim to Fit the Design and Style of Your Home